H1 Basic Ideas:

World Magic system is based on interpretations of an ancient set of texts known as the “Corpus,” from which all “magic,” or “the Might” is derived. Various schools of thought (think Talmud) interpret the text in certain ways, some of which are considered heretical, and are policed by a central church body.

Trouble mounts when various schools (some like Monastic orders, others like secret societies) come into conflict, along with the political entanglements of various nations within the setting. New texts are found that challenge accepted beliefs, and strange prophets lead their flock into conflict with the existing hierarchy. Players find themselves embroiled within competing factions, all bound in conflict over the Word and its mysterious Power.

H2 Rule Ideas
Central corpus. Orders of interpretations. Rules regarding interpretations. All abilities based on texts, and variations. Loose magic system.

Power in the Word